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  • Shimano Baitrunner DL RA
    10,580 RSD7,446 RSD
    Shimano Baitrunner DL RA

    Shimano Baitrunner DL RA

    Brand: Shimano Model:SMBTRDL6000RA Availability: In Stock
    Price: 7,446 RSD 10,580 RSD
    Based on 0 reviews.

    With its midnight blue body and gun metal grey Cold Forged Aluminium main spool, the Baitrunner DL comes with a spare XT7 graphite spool as standard. Both are powered by a Diecast Drive Gear backed by 3 Shielded Stainless Steel bearings plus a roller bearing for assured performance. Other features include Super Stopper II, Dyna-Balance, Floating Shaft II and a Power Roller to minimise line twist. The 6000 size is a favourite of specialist anglers fishing for barbel, tench, chub and bream whilst the 1000 size suits carp anglers fishing both large and small waters. The Baitrunner DL offers an excellent quality to cost ratio for carp and specialist anglers looking for a mid-priced Baitrunner.
    Bearings    3 Shielded Stainless Steel + 1 Roller Bearing
    Line lay    Varispeed
    Extra spool    1 x XT-7
    Handle    Double
    Body material    XT-7
    Spool material    Cold forged aluminium

    Model                    Weight (g)  Gear ratio    Line capacity (mm/m)               Line retrieve per crank (cm)
    BTRDL6000RA       590             4,6:1             0.30-270 / 0.35-240 / 0.40-140      85     
    BTRDL10000RA     580             4,6:1             0.30-500 / 0.35-350 / 0.40-250      87

  • Shimano Aernos FA
    12,300 RSD8,473 RSD
    Shimano Aernos FA

    Shimano Aernos FA

    Brand: Shimano Model:SMARNS1000FA Availability: In Stock
    Price: 8,473 RSD 12,300 RSD
    Based on 0 reviews.

    Utilising Shimano's unique P4 Concept (Power, Precision, Performance and Pleasure) plus five shielded stainless bearings, one roller bearing, an aluminium handle, Varispeed Oscillation, XT7 body and rotor, and zinc diecast gearing, the Aernos FAs are cool looking yet extremely functional reels for their price tag.

    Bearings:     5+1
    Drag Range:     2-6 Drag Power range (kg)
    Retrieve Per Crank Range: 64/81cm

    Description   Gear Ratio  Bearings Drag(Kg)  Weight (g)
    Aernos 1000FA     5,2:1        5+1         2.0     210.0
    Aernos 2500FA     5,2:1        5+1         3.0     255.0
    Aernos 3000FA     5,2:1        5+1         4.0     255.0
    Aernos 4000FA     5,1:1        5+1         6.0     330.0

  • Shimano Alivio RC
    3,560 RSD2,208 RSD
    Shimano Alivio RC

    Shimano Alivio RC

    Brand: Shimano Model:SMALVRC Availability: In Stock
    Price: 2,208 RSD 3,560 RSD
    Based on 0 reviews.

    The new Alivio RC has already been a massive success since it’s mid season launch earlier this year. The new silver body and blue graphic on the spool give the Alivio a fresh modern look which is complimented by the features and performance. Fitted with an AR-C spool for easy and accurate casting, the Alivio also contains a Shimano roller bearing and ball bearing for smooth performance. The Alivio RC is available in both single and double handed versions with a powerful 4.6:1 gear ratio for total control of powerful fish.


  • Shimano AX FB
    2,970 RSD1,984 RSD
    Shimano AX FB

    Shimano AX FB

    Brand: Shimano Model:SMAX2500FB Availability: In Stock
    Price: 1,984 RSD 2,970 RSD
    Based on 0 reviews.

  • Shimano CATANA DX Spinning
    7,100 RSD5,343 RSD
    Shimano CATANA DX Spinning

    Shimano CATANA DX Spinning

    Brand: Shimano Model:SCATDX Availability: In Stock
    Price: 5,343 RSD 7,100 RSD
    Based on 0 reviews.

    The use of Geofibre in Shimano's superb Catana DX, combined with the progressive guide set-up, generates a superior casting performance and leaves the competition playing 'catch-up' in this price category. The Geofibre material in the blank creates more stiffness, maintains strength and provides an excellent fish-playing action, while the Vibra Spot reel seat adds further value to this affordable range.

    The Catana DX Spin is available in a wide range of lengths and casting weights. All rods are 2 piece, supplied in a protective rod sock.


    • Features:
    • XT30/XT40 & Geofibre blank
    • Shimano Vibraspot reel seat
    • Shimano stainless steel hardlite guides
    • Cork handle
    • Supplied in protective rod sock
  • Gamakatsu Super G-Line Flex 150m
    790 RSD530 RSD
    Gamakatsu Super G-Line Flex 150m

    Gamakatsu Super G-Line Flex 150m

    Brand: Gamakatsu Model:5112 Availability: In Stock
    Price: 530 RSD 790 RSD
    Based on 0 reviews.

    This superb fishing line casts further and more accurate than any other line. It is made of high-polymere technology generated by an exquisite hybrid-blend between co-polymer and special materials to enhance the abrasion resistance and flexibility. Besides it’s excellent casting abilities, the extremely soft silky surface coating also reduces kink, backlash and memory compared to conventional fishing lines. It is perfectly round and has a consistent diameter both of which reflect in the self-stretching ability. Super G-line Flex features a UV-Cut filter that protects the line from UV-radiance for superior durability.

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