• Gamakatsu Polo Shirt
    1,999 RSD1,420 RSD
    Gamakatsu Polo Shirt

    Gamakatsu Polo Shirt

    Brand: Gamakatsu Model:7076-200 Availability: In Stock
    Price: 1,420 RSD 1,999 RSD
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  • Spro Dragmaster EC-Class 4000
    3,520 RSD2,460 RSD
    Spro Dragmaster EC-Class 4000

    Spro Dragmaster EC-Class 4000

    Brand: SPRO Model:1175-400 Availability: In Stock
    Price: 2,460 RSD 3,520 RSD
    Based on 0 reviews.

    • 3 Ball bearings + 1 needle bearing
    • One-way clutch anti-reverse system
    • Graphite body and rotor construction
    • S-curve oscillation system
    • Durable line roller
    • Aluminum long-cast spool with line clip
    • Graphite spare spool
    • Balanced handle and rotor
    • Finely adjustable drag system

  • Spro Freeliner LCS 5.000
    7,590 RSD5,820 RSD
    Spro Freeliner LCS 5.000

    Spro Freeliner LCS 5.000

    Brand: SPRO Model:1184-555 Availability: Out Stock
    Price: 5,820 RSD 7,590 RSD
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    • 4 Stainless Steel ball bearings + 1 needle bearing
    • One-way clutch anti-reverse system
    • LCS Line Control System
    • Graphite body and rotor
    • Wormshaft oscillation system
    • Twist free line roller
    • Aluminum long-cast spool with line clip
    • Graphite spare spool with line clip
    • Finely adjustable multi-disc drag system
    • Special protection cover for the dragwashers

  • Gamakatsu G-Line Camon
    2,760 RSD2,070 RSD
    Gamakatsu G-Line Camon

    Gamakatsu G-Line Camon

    Brand: Gamakatsu Model:5128 Availability: In Stock
    Price: 2,070 RSD 2,760 RSD
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    A Mula nylon monofilament line with unique features; the special dyeing process combines a mud brown core and weed green outer skin that creates a unique camouflage Aurora glow. This color combination creates an extremely low visibility underwater. Besides that, the G-Camon has an incredibly high abrasion resistance, high knot strength and flexibility in cold water conditions. Thanks to its color and features, this is an ideal line for Trout-, Pike-, Zander- and Carp fishing.

  • Spro Sprolon Allround XT 100m
    240 RSD180 RSD
    Spro Sprolon Allround XT 100m

    Spro Sprolon Allround XT 100m

    Brand: SPRO Model:5200 Availability: Out Stock
    Price: 180 RSD 240 RSD
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    The Sprolon Allround XT lines have been developed for allround fishing disciplines. Besides the excellent abrasion resistance and low stretch, this line is recognized by the low-visible transparent grey color and low price.

  • Gamakatsu G-Line Topcaster 100m
    440 RSD310 RSD
    Gamakatsu G-Line Topcaster 100m

    Gamakatsu G-Line Topcaster 100m

    Brand: Gamakatsu Model:5002 Availability: In Stock
    Price: 310 RSD 440 RSD
    Based on 0 reviews.

    Designed for all types of reel fishing, this co-polymer line features a great tensile and knot strength. It is a versatile fishing line, perfect for fresh and saltwater fishing applications. It has a smooth surface and is exceptional for casting because it offers fewer kinks and reduced backlash. This low-stretch line has an excellent abrasion resistance ratio, is low-memory and offers reduced-stretch which all add-up to a more controlled hook setting; having an impact on landing more fish too!

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