• Gamakatsu Hooded Sweat Shirt
    5,230 RSD3,430 RSD
    Gamakatsu Hooded Sweat Shirt

    Gamakatsu Hooded Sweat Shirt

    Brand: Gamakatsu Model:7101-400 Availability: In Stock
    Price: 3,430 RSD 5,230 RSD
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    Made with the finest 80% cotton and 20% polyester combination (400gr/m²) this hooded sweatshirt has a unique construction and finishing techniques that make it an industry leader.
    The garment dye process virtually eliminates all shrinkage and reduces twisting and pilling all while providing a stable and consistent fit. The elastic waist and cuffs are extremely durable. Drawstring at hood and kangaroo pockets make this ‘hoody’ a comfortable addition to any angler’s wardrobe.

  • Sportex SUPER-SAFE Carp rod case 192cm
    16,000 RSD12,000 RSD
    Sportex SUPER-SAFE Carp rod case 192cm

    Sportex SUPER-SAFE Carp rod case 192cm

    Brand: Sportex Model:FUT9-192 Availability: In Stock
    Price: 12,000 RSD 16,000 RSD
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    SUPER-SAFE Carp rod case
    Professional carp bags made from the SPORTEX Super Safe material. For up to 4 rigged carp rods fit perfectly into this bag. Your precious carp rods are especially safe, owing to the shock-resistant PVC-membrane and the really good and strong cushion-membrane. Thanks to the helpful rucksack function, these bags – even fully loaded – are easy to carry.

  • Spro Pike Fighter Titanium Wire
    1,850 RSD1,390 RSD
    Spro Pike Fighter Titanium Wire

    Spro Pike Fighter Titanium Wire

    Brand: SPRO Model:4622-200-017 Availability: In Stock
    Price: 1,390 RSD 1,850 RSD
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    These Japanese top quality 1x7 Titanium wire is kink resistant and developed for producing high worthy predator leaders.

    1x7 - 17 lbs     0,21mm     7,7kg

  • Spro Polar Fleece Jacket
    5,230 RSD3,730 RSD
    Spro Polar Fleece Jacket

    Spro Polar Fleece Jacket

    Brand: SPRO Model:7093-300 Availability: In Stock
    Price: 3,730 RSD 5,230 RSD
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    Lightweight micro polar fleece jacket designed to wear as a top layer in mild conditions or mid layer through a cold winter. Manufactured in 100% 260gr/m2 micro polar fleece with 3x3mm nylon Taslon rip stop chest, shoulder and elbow features and a 190T nylon taffeta lining. Featuring a zipped chest pocket and two hand warming pockets.

  • Gamakatsu G-Hybraid Braided Yellow 135m
    3,600 RSD2,180 RSD
    Gamakatsu G-Hybraid Braided Yellow 135m

    Gamakatsu G-Hybraid Braided Yellow 135m

    Brand: Gamakatsu Model:5124 Availability: Out Stock
    Price: 2,180 RSD 3,600 RSD
    Based on 0 reviews.

    An amazing line, produced by the innovative ‘Hybrid-Formula’ system. This process combines several ultra-strong gel-spinning fibers to a perfect braided line with an excellent strength to diameter ratio. Because of its perfectly round shape the  G-Hybraid line has a perfect line lay on the reel, which offers great advantages for making accurate casts. It also ensures a minimum friction at the guides during the cast, facilitating long distance casting. Compared to many other popular lines the G-Hybraid has an equally braided surface so that an identical breaking strength and diameter are realized over the full length of the line.

    The equal braiding technology guarantees no thinner (weaker) parts in the line and ensures a maximum life span. G-Hybraid absorbs hardly any water, so that a better presentation of lures and softbait is possible. The special braiding technology and advanced coating of the fibers reduces the chance of wind knots and backlash on the spool. This also helps to prevent the line from tangling around the guides. G-Hybraid is easy to knot and has only low reduction of breaking strength on the knot. G-Hybraid has very little elasticity. G-Hybraid is more abrasion resistant than many other lines thanks to the special braiding technology and coating. Guides and line rollers are less affected by G-Hybraid.

  • Shimano Aernos FA
    12,300 RSD8,010 RSD
    Shimano Aernos FA

    Shimano Aernos FA

    Brand: Shimano Model:SMARNS1000FA Availability: In Stock
    Price: 8,010 RSD 12,300 RSD
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    Utilising Shimano's unique P4 Concept (Power, Precision, Performance and Pleasure) plus five shielded stainless bearings, one roller bearing, an aluminium handle, Varispeed Oscillation, XT7 body and rotor, and zinc diecast gearing, the Aernos FAs are cool looking yet extremely functional reels for their price tag.

    Bearings:     5+1
    Drag Range:     2-6 Drag Power range (kg)
    Retrieve Per Crank Range: 64/81cm

    Description   Gear Ratio  Bearings Drag(Kg)  Weight (g)
    Aernos 1000FA     5,2:1        5+1         2.0     210.0
    Aernos 2500FA     5,2:1        5+1         3.0     255.0
    Aernos 3000FA     5,2:1        5+1         4.0     255.0
    Aernos 4000FA     5,1:1        5+1         6.0     330.0

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