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  • Spro Tec Roach & Bream / Pole Match Picker
    290 RSD220 RSD
    Spro Tec Roach & Bream / Pole Match Picker

    Spro Tec Roach & Bream / Pole Match Picker

    Brand: SPRO Model:5050/014 Availability: In Stock
    Price: 220 RSD 290 RSD
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    Since years, a well-known name in our range, Spro-Tec nylon. A budget line with a 100% perfectly round structure, an excellent coating and durability. Each line is individually colored, tailored to the underwater situation and / or fishing method. Features: - Perfectly Round - Excellent coating - Long life - Made and spooled in Japan

    Spro-Tec 100m
    The 100m spools are specially developed for fishing the pole, picker, match and feeder rod for roach, bream, carp and with the spinning rod for trout. We have chosen a universal transparent grey color to best cover most techniques and

    - Perfect Round
    - Balanced absorption and elongation
    - Excellent coating
    - Long life
    - Produced and spooled in Japan

    Spro-Tec Roach & Bream / Pole Match Picker
    Diameters: 0,10 – 0,12 and 0,14mm. Specially developed for allround fishing for roach and bream with the long pole, the match rod and picker. The line can be used as a main line or as a hook length.

  • Spro Alarm LCS-1 Carp
    1,930 RSD1,480 RSD
    Spro Alarm LCS-1 Carp

    Spro Alarm LCS-1 Carp

    Brand: SPRO Model:4700-107 Availability: In Stock
    Price: 1,480 RSD 1,930 RSD
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    The LCS-1 Carp bite-indicator is a perfect bite indicator that offers excellent value for money!

  • DD Bait Taster Danish Bacon
    865 RSD550 RSD
    DD Bait Taster Danish Bacon

    DD Bait Taster Danish Bacon

    Brand: DD Bait Model:138 Availability: Out Stock
    Price: 550 RSD 865 RSD
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    • Before casting out, dip your hook baits with our irresistible DNA tasters
    • Simply dip your hookbait in water, then directly into the taster. Repeat this process 5 or 6 times to create a covering of strong taste on your hookbait


  • Spro Incognito Pro 9.000
    10,460 RSD8,000 RSD
    Spro Incognito Pro 9.000

    Spro Incognito Pro 9.000

    Brand: SPRO Model:1180-975 Availability: In Stock
    Price: 8,000 RSD 10,460 RSD
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    • 8 Stainless steel ball bearings + 1 needle bearing
    • One-way clutch anti-reverse system
    • Graphite body and rotor
    • Wormshaft oscillation system with extra corrosion resistant Power-drive mainshaft
    • Twist free line roller
    • CNC aluminum handle
    • Aluminum long-cast spool with flex-metal line clip
    • Finely adjustable multidisc front drag system
    • Special protection cover for the dragwashers

    NB: Full saltwater protective coating on all important parts

  • Gamakatsu G-Line Topcaster 150m
    660 RSD450 RSD
    Gamakatsu G-Line Topcaster 150m

    Gamakatsu G-Line Topcaster 150m

    Brand: Gamakatsu Model:5077 Availability: In Stock
    Price: 450 RSD 660 RSD
    Based on 0 reviews.

    Designed for all types of reel fishing, this co-polymer line features a great tensile and knot strength. It is a versatile fishing line, perfect for fresh and saltwater fishing applications. It has a smooth surface and is exceptional for casting because it offers fewer kinks and reduced backlash. This low-stretch line has an excellent abrasion resistance ratio, is low-memory and offers reduced-stretch which all add-up to a more controlled hook setting; having an impact on landing more fish too!

  • Spro Cresta Team Feeder Reel Mono 150m
    660 RSD500 RSD
    Spro Cresta Team Feeder Reel Mono 150m

    Spro Cresta Team Feeder Reel Mono 150m

    Brand: SPRO Model:5058 Availability: In Stock
    Price: 500 RSD 660 RSD
    Based on 0 reviews.

    Cresta Sinking Feeder Mono is a sinking, strong and supple monofilament designed for Feeder fishing. It offers great abrasion resistance and excellent knot strength. Long distance casting is made easy because of the line’s low-memory factor. Because this sinking mono has low stretch characteristics it offers optimized bite sensitivity for a rapid hook setting.

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